Top 5 Best BPO Companies

top bpo company in tech day 2020

Top 5 Best BPO Companies | Brief Comparison

Top BPO CompaniesType of CompanyStrengths
AccentureManagement consulting and technology assistanceWell-adjusted corporation achievement
DPS FPTInformation technology outsourcing consulting and Digital Service, Process management & technology servicesLow cost and Fast group talents
Genpact Method supervision & technology assistanceContinuously advancing manner
WNS Global ServicesEnterprise administrationA wide spectrum of assistance
ACT Tele-solutionsCall center assistanceCustomer compensation

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Accenture’s important industry process settings (BPS) donations produced $5.1 billion in 2018, a 10.6% completion rate in U.S. dollars (9.7% in regular currency) that is attributable to Accenture’s center on producing enterprise results through BPS. Cumulatively for patients, this germination has changed customers’ business achievement. Utilizing RPA and AI, Accenture’s BPS presents have dropped more than 35,000 client distribution functions in the last three years. Accenture’s procedure is to consolidate a smart business ecosystem with innovative talent, data-driven penetrations, cloud platforms and connected intelligence.
Accenture’s BPS presents incorporate finance and accounting, marketing, procurement, supply chain, talent and HR, customer care and industry services such as client assistance health, network, and benefits. It has 112,400 people globally assisting more than 650 patients in 150 countries and in 45 languages, from more than 50 global control areas. Its largest businesses for BPO resources are reports, media and technology; products; and financial services. It made more than 19 properties in 2018 of various types of businesses.


DPS FPT is a global provider devoted to IT management, Logistic, banking, investment, and remittance technologies. Established as the biggest one of FPT Software subsidiaries, FPT Digital Processing Services (DPS) has the purpose of passing extensive services to assist customer’s center supplies on core business expansion and preservation work. DPS implements digital transformation services including AI/data preparation and AI training, data processing, managed service, automation suspension, and other assistance to expedite the digital transmutation manner in projects. Our setting various high-value enterprises such as E-commerce, Manufacturing, Retail, Accounting, Used Car Dealer, Banking and Finance, Insurance… With over 5500 IT technicians and operators, DPS knows about working in industry processing outsourcing (BPO) all over Asia and USA since 2007. We liberated more than 50 clients in the regions from manual errors and physical management of business processes., employing more than 55,000 people worldwide and holds leadership positions in payment processing and banking solutions, providing software, services, and outsourcing of the technology that drives financial institutions. Likely due to reporting changes, its revenue in 2018 declined by about $540 million. Revenue growth was previously boosted by acquisitions many firms and positioned DPS FPT as the second-largest BPO player globally.

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