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Beginning in digital transformation services in South East Asia, DPS FPT Software assists with top RPA services venders and implements RPA outputs an entire end-to-end resolution to clients.

RPA Benefits

Accommodate Resources to Crown DISRUPTORS


RPA automates your manners outdoors every influence toward the present IT panorama. This program is versatile for each industry advances.

Ameliorate Investment Gains

RPA makes negative demand massive upfront expenditure and posterior decrease up to 80% processing expense.

Enlargement Performance & Richness

RPA performs 24/7 and increases Turnaround Time (TAT) turn hours  minutes and turn minutes into seconds.

Grant manpower Motivation

Marshaling RPA delivers your high-value support from tiresome responsibilities

Advance Consumer Pleasure

With decreased mistakes, developed performance and extra reliable data, the essence of the client expertise are significantly enhanced.

Discharge Mistakes & Dangers

RPA decreases the percentage of personal mistakes and stops data leakage whereby presenting a more moderate level of operational uncertainty.

Our RPA Resolution

A Comprehensive Solution Throughout The Need of RPA

As a member of the FPT’s genera ecosystem, akaBot is a complete RPA answer, accommodating to automate enterprise methods for businesses in several divisions.


03 SELF-BUILT Ingredients TO Secure Complete Employment OF THE RPA Principles

BOT Atelier

USER-FRIENDLY Graphic-based workflow is extremely automatic, no coding expected.


Capacity to continue workflows to the primary building for the efficiency of reuse.


Workflows can own various designers and ingredients containers remain distributed connecting companies and schemes.

BOT Core

Control Centralized web-based administration and announcements.


Robot monitoring, lumberjacking, and inspection.


Intelligent scheduling, collateral administration, and 3rd gathering API combination.

BOT Assistant

DISCREET Accessories Intended to advance with representatives in exchange enterprises wherever civilized cooperation is expected.

Disregarded Operators

Influencing without individual interplay can be programmed to self-start to maximize the value and production of back-office exercises.

Our Assistance

04 SERVICES COVER 04 Stages OF A Large RPA Resolution


  • Evaluate the willingness of AI support and preservation
  • Appraise and elect RPA mechanism
  • Produce an enterprise circumstance for Robotics potential
  • Treatment corporation and specialized PoC


  • Create & produce RPA automaton
  • Combination with OCR, Chatbot, Voice and AI generators
  • Robotization transmission, deployment, examination, and sustenance
  • Create an RPA Center of Excellence

MAINTAINANCE & Maintenance

  • Operate, monitor, and maintain Robotic processes
  • Implement governance, administration and documentation preparation and maintenance
  • Update mechanization inclinations and technology


  • An interior CoE organization encourages you to develop, produce and administer akaBot with your means.
  • The CoE is constructed in three stages: build, perform and transfer.

Why DPS FPT software? (

Aggressive Costs

Implement the numerous charming proposal in the entrepreneurs with various appended inducements

Complete RPA Assistance

One-stop assistance including Assessment & PoC, Center of Excellent (CoE) extension, Implementation.

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