DPS – Top Automation Service of FPT Software Leads Digital Solutions for Financial Services in Las Vegas Money 20/20 the USA

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DPS – Top Automation Service of FPT Software Leads Digital Solutions for Financial Services in Las Vegas Money 20/20 the USA

DPS (Top BPO) FPT Software accompanied Money20/20 USA, a global premier competition in financial co-operation to illustrate disruptive resolutions that will assist in expediting digital transformation in the banking and finance division.

Being the world’s most comprehensive exhibition in mortgages and financial co-operation discovery, Money 20/20 conducted together considered masters and industry conductors such as Amazon, American Express, PayPal, etc. to address digital transformation and the prospect of money.

Entering the three-day ceremony, DPS Top BPO- FPT Software participated in advancing narratives and confirmed the digital inclinations to 11,800 partners from 3600 organizations. These cutting-edge digital resolutions involve Digital Publishing, Automotive Digital Transformation, Digital Banking, and Digital Lending, etc. Their applicability empowers partnerships to intensify productivity, foster business germination and obtain a contentious border in today’s intense business context.

“This is the initial sequence DPS Top BPO – FPT Software combines Money20/20 as a supporter. We are regarding a lot of possibilities to improve Financial Institutions on their digital transformation campaign by levering new technologies, implementing clarification and assistance.”, transcribed FPT Software VP, Harry Hung Tran explained, “After the ceremony, we perceive multiple observed up connections with consumers and associates to determine possibilities in prospective collaborations.”

“We ought especially essential communications with protecting organizations similar to Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. It remained pleasant to discuss the concern in utilizing next-gen technologies like Digital Publishing and Automotive Digital Transform. Obtaining a Digital Transformation and Automation Platform, it grants businesses scalable, protected, and customizable explications in regions such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), asset traceability, and KYC (Know Your Customer).

Since founding, DPS Top BPO -FPT Software committed by the highest performance with various success stories in the financial and banking division to produce IT outsourcing co-operation. Over the years, the firm has committed to the enterprise completion of over 40 customers in these manufacturers, including some Fortune 500 organizations. By leveraging digital technology, DPS FPT Software can support businesses to optimize enterprise methods and develop consumer fulfillment.

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