Top Business Process Outsourcing Company Signed Digital Transformation Contract with Europe’s engagement professional DPD Group

top business process outsourcing signed contract

Top Business Process Outsourcing Company Signed Digital Transformation Contract with Europe’s engagement professional DPD Group

HANOI, August 30, 2019 – Southeast Asia’s driving IT firm FPT (DPS Top BPO) on Thursday inscribed into digital transformation cooperation with DPDgroup, Europe’s second-largest bundle express system. The proceeding is not solely a testimonial to FPT’s abilities in performing at the most crucial of the IT value chain but additionally straightened with its intention of converting a world’s attending provider of digital transformation co-operation.

According to the settlement, DPS-FPT will be considering the IT operation of DPDgroup before outlining and extending the digital technology principles IT4EM2 to promote the enterprise administration of the European dispatcher crosswise 12 nations. DPS-FPT will also operate concurrently with the DPD group in Big Data critique and correct the consumer develop the information construction necessitated to mature a data-driven enterprise. The complete manner will be conducted by DPS-FPT Digital Kaizen methodology – ‘Think Big, Start Smart, and Small, Scale Fast’, serving DPDgroup transform in the various cost-efficient and agile manner.

DPS-FPT Mr. Truong Gia Binh explained, “this agreement indicates the faith that DPDgroup settles in FPT’s expertise in logistics, technology inclinations, implementation skills, and our digital transformation methodology. It advances the design for us to arrange a Top 50 digital transformation services provider in the next decade”.

“The world will be reinvented and examined. It obliges us to be more productive and innovative. We’re not isolated”, announced Paul-Marie Chavanne, Chairman of GeoPost, the impeding corporation of DPDgroup.

“We necessitate a companion, and I believe that FPT is the furnished associate will accommodate us bound powerful in this new world”, he appended.

DPDgroup is the international subsidiary of the French Groupe La Poste, a Fortune Global 500 company with 7-billion euros in revenue last year. The digital platform that FPT commences to develop for DPDgroup is demanded to authorize the organization to develop operational performance and improve consumer expertise. Conclusively, this would support the carrier to strengthen its state as a bundle performance conductor in Europe and the global market.

The IT operation comprises negotiating; practice combination; software form, expansion, preservation, and programming. Consulting attains at the prime operation and is also the section where the world’s foremost tech firms such as IBM, Accenture, Tata, Infosys, etc. are most influential.

DPS FPT established a partnership with DPDgroup in 2018 through a number of inadequate and medium-sized designs. The organization is currently connected in numerous frames of the consumer life cycle from data collection, logistics negotiating, UI/UX ideation, micro-services construction, project improvement, implementation, and production assistance.

In the agreement-signing celebration, a high-level commission of La Poste, DPDgroup and its subsidiaries participated a DPS FPT laboratory in digital transformation for logistics and digital banking. The experience afforded them with penetrations in FPT’s technology inclinations through breakthrough legends in the aforementioned sectors.

The European business is prepared to grab up with the world’s latest digital transformation inclinations. According to a summary by International Data Corporation (IDC), Europe spending for digital transformation is forecast to approach $378.2 billion in 2022, presenting it as the third-largest cartography for DX spending. DPS FPT’s sales in this exchange are also forecasted to grow 30 percent in the upcoming years, with digital transformation being a key driving efficiency.


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